...c'est une question de goût.
"Let's go to dinner."
beau, conduit et dangereux.
"Yes, let's. Shall we have blonde or brunette?"


Our online section contains six categories of online resources:

-  Community:  Forums, chat, support and portal sites.
-  Blogs:  Essays and Discussion.
-  Radio and Podcasts.
-  News & Information:  News consolidators and individual articles.
-  Of Note:  Sites that are interesting and of note.
-  Reference and Research:  Databases and fact sheets.

There are literally thousands of vampire websites, blogs and other resources online. We have chosen not to attempt to list them all here. Rather, we have selected the following links based on the home site's longevity and "up-time" as well as the relevance of the content. For real world community connections check out the In Life page. For additional general vampire links please see our Resources page. If you have a site that should be listed here, or find a link here that doesn't work,  please email us with the site title and url. We'll check out new links and add them if they are a good fit. Bad links will be removed promptly.  As noted on our previous pages, sites that are hosted on social networking platforms such as Facebook, MySpace and MeetUp may require you to login to your account prior to accessing the group's page.

Community - Forums, Chat, Support & Portal Sites

Black Swan Haven
Donor site.

Lesbian Vampires @ Lesbian Chat Zone
Chat & forums.

Lesbian Vampires @ Pagan Space

Chat & forum.

Lesbian Vampire

Facebook interest page.

Lesbian Vampires
Facebook interest page.

Lesbian Vampires Anonymous
Facebook support page.

Vampire Lesbians
Facebook interest page.

Crimson Cafe 

Relaxed community for vampires (chat, forum, groups).

Darkness Embraced 
Vampire, Pagan, Occult and Paranormal Society with chat, boards and forums.
1800+ active members .

Drink Deeply and Dream
Real vampire information, vampire fiction, forums and resources.

Dagon the Vampire
Vampire gallery, studies, library and Dagon's personal story.

Graveyard Press 
Community & support for vampires.

Izidari's Real Vampires Official Site
Areas included how to identify a vampire, are you a vampire, how to get blood and more.

Real Vampires
Large site with info on real vampires, community and resources.

Real Vampires
Chat site.

Sanguinarium Vampire Social Networking
Social networking for real vampires.

SphynxCat’s Real Vampire Support Page
Support, forums, faqs and an IRC channel.

Tribe Net's Real Vampires
Community forum.

Forums and community.

Books, movies, gallery and forum.

Vampire Forum
Community with 10,550+ active members.

Vampire Freaks
1,715,927 members -  online journals, forums, cults, pictures, music, video and events.

The Vampire Metrou
Forums, gallery, boards, videos & blog.

Vampire Rave - "The social networking site for vampires."
19,850+ profiles, 12,860+ online member journals and 4,600+ art portfolios.
Alliances, houses and covens. Vampire mentors, forums, chat and webcams.
Free and premium memberships.

Vampire Vineyards: Vampire Friends
"The Facebook for Vampires."

Blogs, Essay & Discussion

Blogrolls, one offs and articles about lesbian vampires and vampires in general. 

Radio & Podcasts

Podcasts (fiction and discussion) and internet radio for vampires. Also includes a link to the original Vampire Radio archives.