...c'est une question de goût.
"Let's go to dinner."
beau, conduit et dangereux.
"Yes, let's. Shall we have blonde or brunette?"

In Life & Community

j-u-d-a-s_deviantartFor lesbian vampires, their donors and fans this site is about community. If you've browsed through our other sections you now know that the net has provided us with hundreds of ways to connect to our community. Our In Life & Community section is focused on real world connections. Meet-ups, covens & havens, conventions and festivals... people and places offline.  This section is broken up into six categories:

- General Vampire Community Connections
- Vampire Groups & Organizations by City or Region
- Vampire Bars, Nightclubs & Restaurants by City or Region
- Vampire Balls
- Vampire Businesses, Places & Tours
- Vampire Festivals & Conventions

Groups that host their sites on Facebook, MySpace, MeetUp and other social networks may require that you login in order to view their page. As with our other sections please shoot us an email if you have a listing that should be here or if you find a link that seems broken or defunct. Please include the site title and url. We will add appropriate links and replace or remove broken or defunct links promptly. ...and be sure to check out our Online page for additional community resources.

General Vampire Community Connections

Lesbian Vampire's Chatzone
Chatroom and discussion forum.

Lesbian Vampires
Community & Support

Lesbian Vampires Anonymous
Community & Support

Lesbian Vampires Pagan Space
Community & Support.

Gaia Coven Guild 
25,000 members) worldwide membership community for real vampires.

Temple of the Vampire
Worldwide religious community.

Vampire/Donor Database
Worldwide exchange for vampires & donors to locate each other.

Vampire/Donor Alliance

Worldwide exchange for vampires and donors to connect.

United Societé of Vampires and their Donors
Worldwide exchange and database.

Voices of the Vampire Community
“...to develop friendly relations among the various Houses, Covens, Orders, organizations, and individual leaders of the vampire community.”  International membership with in person meetings. Articles database available in 13+ languages. Also maintains calendar, message boards etc .

Real Vampires Today

Get up to speed on alliances, houses, clans and covens.

Vampire Groups by City

Social clubs, Meet-Ups and other non-bar vampire groups that meet regularly out in the real world rather than just through online communities, forums and networks.

  • Atlanta Vampires (Atlanta, GA, USA)
    Social dinners, informative workshops, movies, clubs, concerts, and other cultural events. 
  • Atlanta Vampire Alliance
    (Atlanta, GA, USA)
    The Atlanta Vampire Alliance promotes itself as a neutral Vampire Community organization. 
  • VAMP Book Club (Atlanta, GA, USA)
    Women only readers club.
  • Dark Sanctuary (Anchorage, AK, USA)  LGBT & Alternative Vampires.
  • Through a Darker Lens (Allen, TX, USA)  Vampire/Goth photography group.
  • Nocturné Borealis (Alaska, USA)
    Community support.
  • Chicago Vampires (Chicago, IL,USA)  Geared towards building community in the Chicago area.
  • Dallas Goths & Vampires (Dallas/Mesquite, TX, USA)  Goth & Vampires social & support club.
  • Black Oaks Savannah (Savannah, GA, USA)  Noir Haven taking place quarterly each year since 2005.
  • Club des Vampire (Ventura, CA, USA)  Meeting in-person since 1993.
  • Club des Vampire (Orange Co./Riverside, CA, USA) Inland Empire real vampires.
  • Orange County Vampires (OC, CA, USA) For  real vampires, other-kin, donors and for those who are simply interested.
  • Los Angeles Vampires (LA, CA, USA) Real Vampires, Witches, Werekin, Otherkin, Donors, Supporters and those who are simply curious about us.
  • Club des Vampire - Utah Chapter (SLC, CO, USA) We are the only gig in town that is purely vampiric, while being open to goth and other kin, as well as the fans.
  • Dark Friends (Loveland, CO, USA)
    Dark friends  to go to metal shows, hot rod shows, dress up now and then in corsets and head out to a local rock/metal show at a bar.
  • The Immortals Project (Glendale, AZ, USA)  Our purpose is to establish a functioning network of people who are interested in exploring their Immortal Bloodlines.
  • Kansas City Vampires (KC, MO, USA)  This group currently has a wait list for new members.
  • Detroit Area Vampire Community (Detroit, MI, USA)  Local Vampire Gathering to mingle with the awakened and share  tales and dark greetings with your fellow kindred. All open-minded souls welcome.
  • House of Maryland by Night (Linthicum, MD, USA)  This group is open to all REAL Vampires as well as White and Black Swans & those wishing to learn from us or wanting to know more about us.
  • Louisianna Creole Vampire Haven (Acadiana area, LA, USA) For serious vampires in the area to meet & talk, those who are descended from the colonial vampire settlers in Louisiana, especially those of French and Spanish Vampire descents.
  • New Orleans Vampire Association (NOLA, USA)  Seven houses. Events and resources. NOVA backs or supports the Houses of NOVA by promoting the actions of the individual members such as parties, charities and feeding of the homeless which is also a gift to the greater New Orleans population, be they human or otherwise. Beyond support, NOVA strives to educate both those new to the vampyric state and the human population as to what it is to be a member of this Community.  
  • New Jersey Association of Real Vampires (NJ, USA)  Private support and community organization. Our main goal of this website is to help out real vampires and those interested in them. The NJARV is a non-profit organization and is not affiliated with any other group, store, organization.
  • The Court of Lazarus, A Metropolitian Society (NYC, NY, USA) The Court of Lazarus is a Vampiric Court based in Lower Manhattan, serving our citizens, guests and night creatures from neighboring Courts in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. As New York’s Original ‘Salon Noir’, it is part ritual gathering, part dark performance space and part gothic cocktail party.
  • The Collective (NYC, NY, USA) House of The Dreaming in conjunction with Vampyre Lounge have developed The Collective where rather than tell you a single view point about what vampires are, it seeks those out there who speak from various points of view in short audio-visual interview style presentations. See video to left.
  • NCVC: North Carolina Vampires Club (Raleigh, NC, USA)  If you find yourself drawn here for some 'odd' reason...if you possess a genuinely open mind combined with a deep unexplained passion to know more...and if you are close to walking through the door but have yet to find the key ~ then perhaps, just perhaps...you may have found the door to home.
  • Temple UVUP, United Vampire Universal Pagan Temple (Ohio, USA) We are a Vampyrian Temple for spiritual Vampyres, Divinity, unity, support, and strength.
  • Ohio Vampyres and Otherkins (Delaware, OH, USA)  We want to encourage actual meetups in the Ohio area as opposed to the communities choosing to stay online and calling that a community.
  • Portland Vampires (Portland, OR, USA) Mingle with the awakened and share sanguine tales and dark greetings with your fellow kindred.
  • PRIVAmpires (Puerto Rico) Puerto Rico Vampires is a group created on July 12 2009 for the purpose of the unification and gathering of the vampire community in Puerto Rico.
  • New River Valley Vampires (Roanoke, VA, USA) A group for like minds to get together and talk about vampires, the gothic subculture and anything else for that matter. Atmosphere is casual and dress-up is discouraged.
  • House Eclipse (VA/DC/MD, USA) We provide support and assistance to those who need it. Here you will find information pertaining to modern sanguinarian and psychic vampires, therianthropy, otherkin, myths, and legends, and various occult, religious, and mystical studies information.
  • Vampire Nation High Council (USA)
    US Chapter of the Vampire Nation. We are a Council that hosts representatives from various Houses, Covens, Clans, Courts, Temples, Orders and other organizations known throughout the Vampire community.
  • Vampires of London (London, UK)
    We are a gathering of darkened souls who bear an interest in all things vampiric, from those who have a love for the literature and the movies to those who prefer to delve deeper. Whatever level your interest, you are most welcome.
  • London Vampyre Group (London, UK) The London Vampyre Group is a society for anyone who wants to join with an interest in all things Vampyric and incorporates the Gothic and Alternative genres. The LVG organise various parties and events and also meet regularly in central London.
  • Royal House of Osiris (London, UK)
    This group is here to send a call to all our Brothers and Sisters of the long fallen night. We are trying to reach those who have just awoken and those of old blood. We are in the process of rebuilding the house of old and would invite you to join as you once were. We are also sending a call to those who have so graciously been donors to us for so long to join as well as we welcome you to our new beginning.
  • The Crypt (Manchester, UK)
    Greetings and welcome to The Crypt. Here is a place for those with an interest in all vampiric aspects - culture, romance, films, literature and history to name a few - can express themselves, explore the culture and come together. Come, enter, and join your fellow Dwellers.
  • The Twilight (Germany) "The Twilight is a community of and for vampires. Together we will explore the profound vampirism and offer other possibillity to gather information or to ask for help on their way. Only together we can grow and learn to understand our true self. The name 'The Twilight', refers to the duality with which we are confronted. It's about the balance between our day and night side, which is not always easy to maintain."
  • The Gathering (Brisbane, AUS) This group is for all those who are real vampires within the Brisbane, Queensland and Interstate area. The group is for Sanguinarians, Psi, blood fetishists, donors and those interested in vampirism.
  • Carpathian Magistratus Vampyre Society  (Brisbane, AUS) We  hold various functions at which various kinds of art and music can be expressed, with the support of local businesses. With our main annual event being the BloodLust Ball. We have this event in the style of a Grand Ball similar to those in the 17th and 18th centuries. Of course, with Vampyres as the theme.
  • Vampyre Community Auckland (Auckland, NZ) This is an Auckland community for all real vampyres and those interested in real vampyres. The purpose is to build a real vampyre community as has already been done around the globe.

Vampire Bars, Nightclubs & Restaurants by City

Bars, restaurants, nightclubs and regular dance party events. Check websites for age restrictions, dress codes & covers. US law requires you to be age 21 or older for alcohol.

  • The Chamber at Club Bravo (Anaheim, CA, USA)
    Goth/Industrial. Sunday nights.
  • Bar Sinister (Hollywood, CA, USA)
    Vampire nightclub going twelve years strong.
  • LADEAD (LA, CA, USA) Something dark and wicked just about every night at one of five Los Angeles nightclubs.
  • Das Bunker (LA, CA, USA)  Friday nights 10 pm to 3 am. 18+ with ID.
  • Evil Club Empire (LA, CA, USA) Multiple clubs, multiple nights - all dark.
  • Release the Bats (Long Beach, CA, USA) Thee monthly "old skool" California Deathrock event that turned the entire "Goth" scene upside down! Takes place on the 4th Friday of every month inside the famous Que Sera on Seventh Street.
  • Club Discord (Riverside, CA, USA) Come check us out. We play all your favorite goth/triphop/industrial songs all night long in an alternating fashion so no one has to wait too long. With Dj's gheist, saint, f055, medik, mythoskull & hollow.
  • Asylum Network (Sacramento, CA, USA) The Asylum has been providing Sacramento with the best cutting edge Goth / Industrial / Nu-DarkWave / EBM dance music for over 12 years. Two full bars, huge dance floor, outside smoking patio, & the largest state of the art sound system in the area. Some bands that have partied at the Asylum have included: Depeche Mode, Ogher (Skinny Puppy), Hate Department, Leather Strip, and KMFDM.
  • The Box @ Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz, CA, USA) Goth/Industrial. Sundays. Come dance to the dark and mysterious sounds of THE BOX. With rotating DJ’s and different theme nights. No Cover, 21 and Over.
  • Bondage A GoGo @ Cat Club (SF, CA, USA) Bondage A Go Go is a fetish themed dance party that has been held in the City since 1993 - making it the longest running weekly dance event in SF. This influential event is a dark slice of heaven for artists, musicians, fetishists, burners & open minded nightclub goers of all types.
  • Death Guild @ DNA Lounge (SF, CA, USA) Bringing you the best in new and classic goth · industrial · ambient · noise · hard industrial synth-pop · swirly · and weird stuff. Mondays.
  • The Church (Denver, CO, USA) Built in 1865, this former place of worship is now home to dance worshippers and gets pumping Thursday through Sunday. High beamed Gothic architecture, stained glass windows & a state of the art sound system = a classic that draws the best international DJs & cutting edge talent. 
  • Ulteria (New Haven, CT, USA) ULTERIA is every 1st Saturday night upstairs in the nightclub at Partners Cafe. 21+. Industrial, Goth, Darkwave, EBM -  old, new and hardline. ULTERIA'S newest event - THE DAMNED is every 3rd Friday @ The Winchester. 18+,  Goth, 80's, new wave, post-punk in a dark, loungy bar atmosphere.
  • The Castle (Ybor City, FL, USA) With 3 different areas for music, 5 areas to hang out & 5 nights to choose from, the Castle offers something a little different for everyone. “Everyone is welcome, nothing is taboo” are the words we live by. Thursday through Monday nights.
  • The Masquerade (Atlanta, GA, USA) The Masquerade is a live music venue located in the old fourth ward near downtown Atlanta, GA. Housed in the former DuPree Excelsior Mill building, The Masquerade features three indoor stages across it’s three levels, appropriately named Heaven, Hell & Purgatory as well as The Masquerade Music Park, an open air amphitheater.
  • Nekromancy @ Chester Street (Champaign, IL, USA)  Chester Street is home to America's longest-running industrial electronic club night. Every Monday, DJ SorceryKid crafts a continuous audio-visual mixshow of the latest & the greatest in dark alternative and underground dance music. Mondays, 19+.
  • Club Orpheus (Baltimore, MD, USA) Club Orpheus is one of Baltimore's oldest & wildest clubs for underground music & dance parties. We're an 18+ club/ 21+ to drink. Dance to a  light show with video projectors, lasers and strobes. Enjoy an upstairs lounge & balcony which overlook a central dance floor. Club Orpheus hosts 'themed' monthly events on every Thursday, Friday & Saturday. 
  • Xmortis (Cambridge, MA, USA) Xmortis is a monthly goth night in Central Square Cambridge that is  held on the 2nd Fridays of the month at TT's on Brookline Street.  We host Gorgeous Goth DJ's, Deadly Performer's, Salacious Snacks, Doomed Decorations, along with some some long awaited Doom & Gloom.
  • Count's Vamp'd Rock Bar & Grill (Las Vegas, NV, USA) Food, drink and events.
  • QXT's Nightclub (Newark, NJ, USA) QXTs is New Jersey's longest running alternative dance club. Open Friday & Saturday nights, offering a variety of musical genres - New Wave, 80's, Goth, Industrial, Dark Wave, Alternative, Punk & Rock. Besides the main dance floor,  two additional rooms - Area 51 and The Crypt - each with a diverse musical flare, & a plethora of characters. 
  • Jekyll & Hyde Restaurant and Bar (NYC, NY, USA) The club founded by the real Dr. Jekyll now a haunted restaurant & bar featuring creepy entertainment.
  • NYC Goth (NYC, NY, USA) Nightclub & bar listings for the NYC area catering to vampires & goths.
  • Decadent Events (Portland, OR, USA) "Decadent Events moves forward in Gothic/ Industrial promotions in dj events, concerts & fundraisers. Multiple clubs."
  • Elysium (Austin, TX, USA) Dance. Drink. Scream.
  • The Church Dallas (Dallas, TX, USA) The Church is located  in the Swiss Avenue historic district. & was originally constructed in 1899 as a trolley car repair station. Paranormal researchers have confirmed that the building is, in fact, haunted. . The Church features 5 separate lounges, 3 DJs and a rooftop patio with an incredible view of the city. The Church also hosts unique theme parties, fashion shows and live music events, including Dallas Fetish Ball.  Wednesday & Saturday.
  • Area 51 (Salt Lake City, UT, USA) "Always a freak show."
  • Noc Noc (Seattle, WA, USA) Noc Noc is candlelit & slightly sinister, like a Spanish pirate's hideout. Owner Jesus serves benevolence, strong cocktails & cheap beer from behind the bar. The laid-back happy-hour  transforms after dark into a throbbing dance club. You'll find a DJ & a welcoming dance floor after 9 pm every night. 
  • Mercury @ Machinewerks (Seattle, WA, USA) Mercury @ Machinewerks is Seattle’s legendary underground music club, playing the best goth, industrial, electronica and other genres. It is a private membership group staffed by volunteers.
  • Club Inferno (Madison, WI, USA) Leather & Lace, Real Queer Party & Dark Carnivale are just a few of the regualr nights.
  • Electric Ballroom (London, UK)
    Multiple theme nights.
  • The Krazyhouse (Liverpool, UK)
    Open every Thursday & Saturday night, The Krazyhouse offers three independent floors, each with it's own separate DJ & musical influence offering a variety of rock, alternative and dance nights!
  • Bristol Bierkeller (Bristol, UK) Nightclub and Dark Theatre.
  • Flock @ The Library (Leeds, UK)
    Club nights presented by Black Sheep.
  • Blackhole @ Login (Milan, Italy)
    Goth nights, women's nights and more.
  • Club Vampire @ Südbahnhof Chemnitz (Chemnitz, Germany) Vampire Party & Alternative Crossing Weekly Dance Parties.
  • Living Dead (Berlin, Germany)
    3 dance floors & 3 dark clubs all under one roof.
  • Count Dracula Club (Bucharest, Romania) Restaurant & Bar.
  • Vampire Club (Antwerp, Belgium) Monthly vampire dance party.
  • Vampire Cafe (Ginza Section, Tokyo, Japan) The interior is almost entirely blood red. Guests are ushered down a long hallway with red blood cells superimposed on the floor. Inside, the décor includes heavy velvet drapes, black coffins dripping with red candle wax, skulls and crosses. Many of the meals are vampire-themed, and diners drink red cocktails from martini glasses.
  • Dracula’s Restaurant and Cabaret (Victoria, Melbourne & Queensland, AUS) A total night of entertainment combining burlesque, contemporary music, comedy and quality dining, all in the one incredible venue.
  • The Coven (Hobart, Tasmania, AUS) Monthly dance party & nightclubbing. Coven is held on the first Friday of every month at Halo Nightclub in Hobart, Tasmania.