...c'est une question de goût.
"Let's go to dinner."
beau, conduit et dangereux.
"Yes, let's. Shall we have blonde or brunette?"

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On Screen: Television

Television vampires have experienced such a surge in popularity in recent years, that the University of Northampton in the UK is hosting TV Fangdom: A Conference on Television Vampires in June 2013.  From Dark Shadows to the Vampire Diaries vampires continues to make an impact on the small screen.

While lesbian or bisexual vampires are still in the minority, there continues to be a strong implied sense that vampires are omnisexual and that gender preference is fluid and largely a matter of taste.

To the left you will find embedded video players for each of the television shows that featured or features vampires in a primary role. While these are not "lesbian vampire" shows you will find a certain element of female homoeroticism in most.  

The videos we have embedded will give you a sense of what each show is about, a little taste if you will. If you find a particular show that really has you salivating check out our shop. Many of these series are available on DVD. If you don't have that patience to wait for the DVD to come in the mail, most of these shows can also be purchased by the episode or season as Instant Video streamed to your tablet, laptop or smartphone. Click the show title below to go to the Amazon page for the show to check for Instant Video availability.

In the listings below we have also included links to the show's Wiki, fan community and fan fiction sites. Where more than one fan community or fanfic site exists we have listed the one with the most activity. The fan fiction sites are also a great place to find more lesbian vampires in the context of your favorite show.

Vampire Focused Television Series 1960 through Present:

Angel (1999 - 2004) Creators: David Greenwalt, Joss Whedon Stars: David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter, Alexis Denisof |  He's hunky, he's brooding, he's a do-gooder, and he was Buffy's first boyfriend. Angel, the tortured vampire destined to walk the earth with a soul, got his own series after three seasons on Buffy the Vampire Slayerand did what any new star might do: he moved to L.A. (the City of Angels--get it?) and set up shop. Angel (co-created by Buffy mastermind Joss Whedon) finds the titular vampire (David Boreanaz) as a kind of supernatural private investigator, fighting evil one case at a time and, like his ex-girlfriend, keeping the world from getting destroyed by vengeful demons and such. This first season features guest appearances by various Buffy characters, including werewolf boy Oz (Seth Green), rogue slayer Faith (Eliza Dushku), deliciously evil vamp Darla (Julie Benz), and Buffy herself (Sarah Michelle Gellar), all of whom helped get the show off and running in style. Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Being Human (UK Series) (2008 - 2013) Creator: Toby Whithouse Stars: Lenora Crichlow, Russell Tovey, Aidan Turner | Being Human is a witty and extraordinary look into the lives of three twenty-somethings and their secret double-lives - as a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost – as they struggle to live normally despite their strange and dark secrets. George (Russell Tovey) and Mitchell (Aidan Turner) work in anonymous drudgery as hospital porters in Bristol, England. They lead lives of quiet desperation under the burden of a terrible secret - Mitchell's a vampire and George a werewolf. Deciding to start life afresh and leave behind the dark side, they move into a house, only to find that Annie (Lenora Crichlow), the ghost of a woman killed in mysterious circumstances, haunts it. As the threesome deal with the challenges of their new lives together, they're united in their desire to blend in with their human neighbors. But with unwelcome intruders into their world, a threatened revolution from the vampire underworld, constant threats of exposure, and the day-to-day issues faced by young people - the only thing they may be able to rely on is each other.
| Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Being Human (Canadian Series) (2011 - 2013) Stars: Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath, Sam Huntington. Being Human... nobody ever said it was easy. But for three twenty-something roommates - vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer), ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath) and a werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) - is it even possible? While these outsiders come to realize that there are fates even worse than death, they also discover that there's more to life (and the afterlife) than most "normal" humans could ever imagine.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Blade The Series (2006) Stars: Sticky Fingaz, Jill Wagner, Nelson Lee. Based on the popular Blade films with Wesley Snipes in the starring role, this dark series brings back the half-man, half-immortal vampire killer to fight the undead and other demons that threaten all of humanity.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Blood Ties (2007 - 2008) Creator: Peter Mohan Stars: Christina Cox, Dylan Neal, Kyle Schmid. Against her better judgment, Private Investigator Vicki Nelson teams up with Henry Fitzroy, former Duke of Richmond, cutting-edge graphic novelist and 470 year old vampire in investigating odd crimes around the city. The relationship soon progress beyond a purely professional arrangement, complicating her long-term love affair with ex-partner Detective Mike Celluci - and pretty well everything else in her life.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996 - 2003) Creator: Joss Whedon Stars: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan. "In every generation there is a chosen one... she alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the slayer." Buffy Summers knows this tale by heart, and no matter how hard she tries to be just a "normal girl", she can not escape from her destiny... Thankfully, she is not alone in her quest to save the world, as she has the help of her friends, the hilarious (and surprisingly quite effective) evil-fighting team called "The Scooby Gang". Together, Buffy & co. will slay their demons, survive one apocalypse after another, attend high school and college... and above all, understand that growing up can truly be Hell sometimes... literally. Written by m_starling (Imdb) Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Dante's Cove (2004 - 2011) Creator: Michael Costanza Stars: Tracy Scoggins, Charlie David, William Gregory Lee. The sexy, young residents of a peaceful beachside town are plunged into a world of intrigue, secrets and shifting romantic ties when their town's sinister, supernatural past comes alive.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Dark Shadows: The Original Series (1966 - 1971) Creator: Dan Curtis Stars: Jonathan Frid, Grayson Hall, Nancy Barrett With its alluring tales of Gothic mystery and supernatural intrigue, Dark Shadows became one of the most popular daytime series of all time. Since first airing on ABC-TV from 1966 to 1971, Dark Shadows has earned the reputation of being one of the most unusual and enduring programs in television history. The character of Barnabas Collins, a guilt-ridden, 175-year-old vampire, brought the show tremendous success.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Death Valley (2011) Creator: Curtis Gwinn Stars: Texas Battle, Bryce Johnson, Tania Raymonde A year ago, vampires, werewolves and zombies mysteriously descended upon the streets of California's San Fernando Valley. Death Valley is the dark comedy that follows the cops that capture the monsters, and the camera crew that captures the cops. Follow the horrific yet comedic exploits of the newly formed Undead Task Force (UTF), a division of the LAPD created to combat the emergence of monsters in the San Fernando Valley. Death Valley showcases the outrageous and courageous men and women working the toughest beat in the US: Death Valley. Balancing dark humor with horror, the show is built upon cold-blooded conflict and character driven comedy, following the cops bent on keeping the streets safe from the presence of the paranormal.  From "blood-for-sex" prostitution busts to undead traffic jams, every call from dispatch will take you to a place you've never been: right to the bleeding heart of Death Valley.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Dracula (US) (2013 - )Jonathan Rhys Meyers It's the late 19th century, and the mysterious Dracula has arrived in London, posing as an American entrepreneur who wants to bring modern science to Victorian society. He's especially interested in the new technology of electricity, which promises to brighten the night - useful for someone who avoids the sun. But he has another reason for his travels: he hopes to take revenge on those who crossed him centuries earlier. Everything seems to be going according to plan... until he becomes infatuated with a woman who appears to be a reincarnation of his dead wife. From the producers of the critically acclaimed, Emmy Award®-winning hit "Downton Abbey" comes DRACULA, a twisted, sophisticated and provocative take on Bram Stoker's classic novel, proving that some stories are truly eternal.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Dracula: The Series (Canada) (1990 - 1991) Stars: Bernard Behrens, Geordie Johnson, Mia Kirshner. Dracula seeks global domination as Alexander Lucard, international billionaire power broker, who is relentlessly building a hi-tech network of white-collar vampires. Two young American brothers know his secret (and his weaknesses!) as they join their uncle--a lifelong vampire chaser--to follow the trail across Europe and the U.S. in a desperate race to expose Lucard and his undead army of corporate vampires.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Forever Knight (1992 - 1996 ) Creators: Barney Cohen, James D. Parriott Stars: Geraint Wyn Davies, Catherine Disher, Nigel Bennett  Forever Knight first aired in 1989 as a two-hour TV-movie titled Nick Knight, starring Rick Springfield as a thirteen-century vampire who moonlighted as a police detective. Though the movie was not a hit for CBS, the network created a new two-part version of the pilot titled Forever Knight featuring Welsh actor Geraint Wyn Davies as the undead sleuth. The first season outlined the series' essential storyline: Knight wanted to atone for his bloody past and regain his humanity, but was challenged by master vampire Lucien LaCroix (Nigel Bennett). Knight's partner in crime-solving was the smarmy Det. Schanke (John Kapelos), and scientist Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher) aided Knight in his desire to become human and struggled with her attraction to him (which would endanger her in episode 16, "Only the Lonely").  
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
The Gates (2010) Creators: Richard Hatem, Grant Scharbo Stars: Rhona Mitra, Frank Grillo, Marisol Nichols A metropolitan police officer becomes chief of police in a gated suburban neighborhood where vampires, werewolves, witches and other supernatural entities reside.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
The Hunger (1997 - 2000) Creator: Jeff Fazio Stars: Terence Stamp, David Bowie, Richard Jutras. Terence Stamp hosts this spine-tingling horror anthology series from Executive Producers Tony and Ridley Scott, which features a phenomenal cast of familiar faces (including Karen Black, Joanna Cassidy, Daniel Craig, Bruce Davison, Giancarlo Esposito, Colin Ferguson, Jason Flemyng, Balthazar Getty, Lena Headey, Margot Kidder, Sally Kirkland, Jason Scott Lee, Chad Lowe, Stephen McHattie and Timothy Spall) as you’ve never seen them before. Inspired by leading genre writers, each episode will draw you into a mesmerizing world of terrifying characters and erotic encounters, where demons feed on the weakness of men and temptation consumes reason.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Kindred the Embraced (1996) Creator: John Leekley Stars: Stacy Haiduk, Erik King, Patrick Bauchau. Enter the dangerous and sexy world of the undead when vampires clash with mortals and each other in modern-day San Francisco. Five clans of vampires are known as the KINDRED, and in their terrifying embrace, one becomes forever young…forever beautiful...forever doomed. From the savagery in the premiere to the climactic finale, the KINDRED draws you into a mysterious realm of Mafia wars, forbidden liaisons and inhuman hunger in a spellbinding saga of erotic danger and unworldly suspense!
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Kolchak - The Night Stalker (1974 - 1975) Creator: Jeffrey Grant Rice Stars: Darren McGavin, Simon Oakland, Jack Grinnage. In 1974, Darren McGavin played reporter Carl Kolchak whose news stories would focus on the supernatural and science fiction aspects of a story. Kolchak: The Night Stalker only ran a short (it was only about 20 episodes) season on ABC. Although it lacked the creative fire power of the two TV movies, the best episodes had a sharp sense of humor and a couple of young contributors that would make their mark elsewhere (the creative team behind Back to the Future and the writer-producer of The Sopranos were both contributors to the series).  
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
The Lair (2007 - 2009)Stars: David Moretti, Colton Ford, Brian Nolan. From the creators of the smash hit Dante s Cove. When the bodies of young nameless men were turning up dead with grisly wounds to their necks, the trail lead an ambitious young journalist to explore a private gentlemen s club christened THE LAIR. There a devilishly attractive group of vampires waited to test the limits of the flesh.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Moonlight (2007 - 2008) Creators: Ron Koslow, Trevor Munson Stars: Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring. Any private eye knows a lot about other people's secrets. L.A. private eye Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin) has a secret of his own. He’s a vampire, dwelling in a covert netherworld complicated by friendship with an undead finance honcho (Jason Dohring), memories of the alluring ex- wife (Shannyn Sossamon) who turned him into a vampire, and a relationship with a human (Sophia Myles) he feels drawn to protect – and maybe to love. But no matter how tempting, Mick knows a vampire-human romance is eternally dangerous.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Sanctuary (2008 - 2011)Creator: Damian Kindler Stars: Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Christopher Heyerdahl. Dr. Helen Magnus is a brilliant scientist who, aided by the Sanctuary team tracks down, studies and protects strange and often terrifying creatures that secretly populate our world. Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Supernatural (2005 - 2013) Creator: Eric Kripke Stars: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver. Two brothers follow their father's footsteps as "hunters" fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
True Blood (2008 - 2013) Creator: Alan Ball Stars: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell. True Blood chronicles the backwoods Louisiana town of Bon Temps... where vampires have emerged from the coffin, and no longer need humans for their fix. Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) works as a waitress at the rural bar Merlotte's. Though outwardly a typical young woman, she keeps a dangerous secret: she has the ability to hear the thoughts of others. Her situation is further complicated when the bar gets its first vampire patron - 173-year old Bill Compton (Steven Moyer) - and the two outsiders are immediately drawn to each other. Delivering the best of what audiences have come to expect from Creator and Executive Producer Alan Ball (writer of Oscar-winning Best Picture "American Beauty", creator of the Emmy Award-winning HBO series Six Feet Under), True Blood is a dark and sexy tale that boldly delves into the heart - and the neck - of the Deep South.
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
Ultraviolet (1998) Stars: Jack Davenport, Susannah Harker, Idris Elba. In a new twist on an old theme, the coolly stylish British miniseries Ultraviolet brings vampires into the 21st century, though the word vampire is never uttered in this mix of The X-Files and somber British TV mysteries like Touching Evil. Jack Davenport is a police detective who stumbles into an elite government agency when his partner and best friend suddenly becomes a nocturnal thug and bites him on the neck. Davenport reluctantly cuts off his old friends and lovers to join the team, which includes Idris Elba as a merciless ex-soldier and Susannah Harker as a medical researcher, and investigate a web of counterfeiting operations, banking scams, and experimental labs featuring human guinea pigs. "What they're researching is pollution: contamination of their blood supply," offers team leader and former priest Philip Quast, but the question remains: are they soulless monsters out to conquer mankind, or a persecuted minority who just want to live in peace with the humans? Writer-director-creator Joe Ahearne brings all the traditional vampire tropes up to date; not only do they lack reflections in a mirror, but they don't show up on video and their voices don't carry over phone lines or record on audio tapes ("which makes surveillance a bitch"). Sunlight burns like an acid, and when they die they go up like a flare, leaving a pile of ash in their wake. But it's the sharp character writing, moral quandaries, and ingenious twists of this smart, stylish conspiracy thriller that make this series gripping down to the final episode. --Sean Axmaker/Amazon
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction
The Vampire Diaries (2009 - 2013) Stars: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder. It's Elena's first day back at Mystic Falls High School since the tragic death of her parents. Along with her Aunt Jenna, Elena tries her best to look after her troubled younger brother, Jeremy, and salvage what family they have left. The first day is already shaping up to be a struggle for Elena until she meets the mysterious new kid at school, Stefan. Elena is touched that he can relate to what she's going through. What Elena doesn't know is that Stefan is a vampire, constantly resisting the urge to taste her blood. As their undeniable connection grows deeper, Stefan's dangerous older brother, Damon, shows up to wreak havoc on the town of Mystic Falls - and claim Elena for himself. The Vampire Diaries is based on the bestselling book series from Alloy Entertainment.  
Wiki | Fan Community | Fan Fiction