...c'est une question de goût.
"Let's go to dinner."
beau, conduit et dangereux.
"Yes, let's. Shall we have blonde or brunette?"

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On Screen: Webseries

source unknownCheap digital video equipment and an internet connection can turn anyone with the desire into a film maker. Don't assume though, that these are all cheap, shot in the basement, productions. Some are.... but many are high production value polished bits of cinematography.

To the left you will find video players featuring the entire first season (where possible) of some of the best web series online. Both YouTube and Web Series Channel have additional vampire webisodes and series on their sites. The ones you find on this page were selected because they have completed full seasons. To see one offs and episodes of serials that were never completed visit YouTube or the Web Series Channel.

Below we have listed each series and provided a link to the series YouTube, Website and Facebook pages. If you enjoy a series be sure to like it on Facebook and check out the YouTube page for additional seasons. Some series Facebook pages may require you to log into your Facebook account before accessing their page.

Again, as with the television series listings, these are not all lesbian vampire centered shows but many do have significant lesbian vampire content or storyline threads.

Bite: The Show

Billed as "A romantic comedy of vampiric proportions" Bite: The Show  features a seven episode first season which can be viewed in the player to the left.
YouTube Show Page   |  Series Website  |  Series Fan Forum

Bleed: The Series

Imagine the lovechild of Kevin Smith and Joss Whedon's 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and you have "BLEED", the new online series from Matt Lawson and Taterfight Productions. Working as a video cashier at 29, Brian feels gypped. So a promise from his new "Girlfriend" of super awesome powers and ever-lasting life seem just what the doctor ordered! But his best friend Perry isn't so sure...  The video player to the left is loaded with all but the finale whch can be viewed on the series website linked below.
YouTube Show Page |  Series Website  |  Series Facebook Page

Blood and Bone China, Victorian Vampire Web Series
It is 1897 and a city is in turmoil; poor souls are being taken, vanishing without a trace. When the local doctor disappears, word travels to his brother, a young country vet by the name of Newlyn Howell. Spurred on to discover the macabre truth by the enigmatic Alexander Pyre, Newlyn stumbles into a twisted web of deception, murder... and villainous vampires.
YouTube Show Page | Series Website | Series Facebook Page

This web series is only three episodes long. It is included here because of it's genuinely inventive production methods. Bits and pieces of existing shows, along with CGI, have been clipped, edited and woven into an entirely new story. See for yourself. From the producers: "What if all your favorite characters existed in the same universe? How would things be different? What if Movie events had repercussions across various television shows? If Jack Bauer was trying to solve a string of unsolved murders across the country, would he employ the use of CTU or would he also enlist the help of 2 former FBI agents named Mulder and Scully? What if Blade, the ultimate vampire hunter found out about the existence of a small group of vampires residing in Washington called the Cullens? What if the Zombie virus featured in Resident Evil were to actually happen...."
YouTube Show Page | Series Website | Series Facebook Page

Dank Shadows
A twisted parody of TV's gothic soap opera from the 60's 'Dark Shadows' series in which things take a turn to the supernatural. It's campy, sexy and terrifyingly funny.
YouTube Show Page | Series Website | Series Facebook Page

Darkness Calling
Darkness Calling is a stylish web-series. Although just starting up it shows promise in both its unique styling and promising story. Season 1 (The pilot) is complete and features 5 short episodes with Season 2 starting up on Halloween. Mainly a narrative at this point the eerie style gives us a hint of the goodness to come. The video player to the left contains seasons one through three in their entirety.
YouTube Show Page | Series Website | Series Facebook Page

DOMINION is a dark tale of mystery told in the classic detective noir style. It features a rich world of supernatural creatures who live side by side with humans... our own world. They prefer to stay in the shadows, the stuff of legends and myths. But one Private Investigator is finding out that sometimes the truth is more dangerous than the myths it hides.
YouTube Show Page | Series Website | Series Facebook Page

Fang In There Bro
Vampire Will Campton can't seem to catch a break. Financial trouble, office hijinks and a bitter vampire boss make it nearly impossible to get through the graveyard shift of his new dead-end job as a security guard. That is, until the charming but flaky Shoogie catches his eye. Can Will keep the vampire-human boundary professional at work? See what happens when the worlds of True Blood and The Office collide in SideReel's newest original series, Fang In There Bro.
YouTube Show Page | Series Website | Series Facebook Page

The Feed
This is a world of guilty pleasure, of lust and shame, temptation and desire, submissive women who need control. These are not women from pornoland. This is not the San Fernando Valley. This is the dark, forbidden shadowland of twilightwomen.  This is an explicit lesbian vampire series. The video player for this series is located below.
Daily Motion Show Page  |  Series Website  |  Series Facebook Page

Goth Girl
Selena Ravenvox, a goth girl with anger management issues, uses her evil mind and kung fu fists to deal with her friends, family, and the world around her. This comedic web series is a show to enlighten viewers about people in the Gothic community and the negative reactions of those around them, while keeping it fun. Armed with razor-sharp verbal quips and martial arts attacks, she engages a huge cast of characters in her quest for world domination.
YouTube Show Page  |  Series Website  |  Series Facebook Page

Helsing HQ by Ginger Ann London
About Ginger Anne London: I am a Director and Writer/Author. I write Sketch comedy and scifi/fantasy novels. I love to act and perform comedy. I have performed live and in video/film as well as Illustrate graphic novels/comics.
YouTube Show Page  |  Series Website  |  Series Facebook Page

The Hunted
THE HUNTED is a sword-slinging, vampire-slaying internet series that's a cross between "Buffy" and "Cops". Not only is it one of the longest running shows online, it's also the first web series based almost entirely on user content, which means episodes can be shot by virtually anyone anywhere. Interested in producing your own episode? Check us out online.
YouTube Show Page  |  Series Website  |  Series Facebook Page

I Am Tim
A cult comedy horror documentary splatter romance about a man called Tim, the last remaining descendant of Van Helsing, and the monsters he kills. Tim is aided in his misadventures by his werewolf sidekick Poncho, his bum-kicking girlfriend Anna, and sociopathic film-maker Richard Timmons. Because when destiny knocks on your door, you can't just close your curtains and tell it to fuck off, can you?
YouTube Show Page  |  Series Website  |  Series Facebook Page

New Blood

We are Newblood, 3rd generation vampires charged with keeping the peace, between humankind and bloodkind. This unique web series launched in 1999 and was the first British drama series on the web. Running to 36 episodes over 3 seasons the stories explored the lives of young people infected with the vampire virus who are coming to terms with their new lives. Set against the backdrop of London clubland and featuring music by leading contemporary electronic and dance music artists Newblood is back again...
YouTube Show Page  |  Series Website  |  Series Facebook Page


A weekly webseries about a group of vampire hunters out to eradicate evil, one vampire at a time... as soon as they find one.
YouTube Show Page  |  Series Website  |  Series Facebook Page

Ed Loomis is a man on the streets trying to find his way through life, looking for a new opportunity to redeem himself in society. Until one evening he finds himself cornered and in a dire stuation for his life. Not believing it he is killed and brought back as a Vampire. This is a story of "transition" from life to the undead and its trials and tribulations. Follow Ed and his fellow clan members as they confront the challenges that come within their shadowed society. We all live... we all die... only the unfortunate transition.
YouTube Show Page  |  Series Website  |  Web Series Channel Page

The Turned
“The Turned” is a Comedy about Vampires. The web series is a touch quirky, a little nerdy and very funny!
YouTube Show Page | Series Website | Series Facebook Page

Unemployed Vampires
Comedy web series about two vampires trying to make an honest living within human society.
YouTube Show Page | Series Website | Series Facebook Page

Vampirism Bites
Tyghtrope presents "Vampirism Bites": A series about fangirl-turned-vampire Belle and her realization that, now in the vampire life, nothing is what it's 'supposed' to be: Life May Suck, but Vampirism Bites!
YouTube Show Page | Series Website | Series Facebook Page

Vladimir and Mr. Smith
This is the home for videos and projects from the Motherlode Stage Company. Most importantly, this is the home of "Vladimir and Mr. Smith," a new web series that introduces young viewers to the theatre through the eyes of Vladimir, the lovable vampire who lives in the Little Theater, where Mr. Smith and his Young Company are preparing to perform Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
YouTube Show Page | Series Website | Series Facebook Page

Wizard Hunters
Inspired by fantasy films like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, “Wizard Hunters: The Series” is a fantasy web series about Crystal, a young girl discovering that she plays a vital role in an extraordinary world she never knew existed. Set in our contemporary time, wizards, sorceresses, and vampires battle for control in a war that has been waging for centuries. “Good” and “Evil” find new definition and shades of ambiguity. As the series unfolds, several journeys of personal identity and love are discovered, lost, and avenged. It is an epic story told through high-action and special effects. “Wizard Hunters” is an intriguing ride for the whole family!
YouTube Show Page  |  Series Website  |  Series Facebook Page

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